ESOL and Workfare / Benefits

Introduction from Anne-Marie

I’m an ESOL teacher who’s involved in Boycott Workfare so happy to chat through lesson ideas around the job centre if it’s ever useful.

I am thinking about developing lessons to enable people to use the resources from Job Seeker Sanction Advice so students feel prepared to challenge unreasonable mandation and know how to appeal sanctions: I have a workshop for first language English speakers on this which I could share if anyone is interested in adapting it.

As Laila mentioned, Boycott Workfare also has some know your rights resources here:

I have a pre-entry/E1 lesson I used with a JCP group to discuss workfare (mandatory unpaid work placements) – can share with anyone who might find it useful (see post below).

On the wider theme, a few of us have been talking about doing some work looking at JCP ESOL provision – how it is restructuring access to ESOL and putting people at risk of destitution + what can be done. If anyone is interested, please get in touch.

Also, did you know that jobseekers are being mandated to teach English without pay now? A pretty disturbing trend as workfare continues to fill gaps left by public sector cuts.

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