ESOL and Housing skills share

Thousands of ESOL teachers and students are suffering the effect of the housing crisis, with poor quality, expensive, precarious housing. The problems teachers and students have encountered are many, among them damp and related health problems, overcrowding, some councils’ inaction on homelessness, rising prices and long periods in temporary housing.

It’s vital that we form networks of support to deal with these problems, and with this in mind some ESOL teachers have got together and organised an ESOL and Housing meeting and skills share on 6th June . Teachers and housing activists will work together to explore the best courses of action and how we can work together to effect change, looking at issues such as solidarity protests, accompanying students in housing meetings, and how we pressure for change.

We will also look at how we can use our ESOL classes to explore these problems and develop language that is helpful for these situations, and teachers and housing activists will have the opportunity to share ideas and resources.

The day will take place on 6th June from 10am – 2pm at St Margaret’s House, E2 9PL. We hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “ESOL and Housing skills share

  1. Hi: cannot get there on 6th June but would really like to support if I can. So please do look at which I co-edit and which covers migrant housing rights and options and I hope would be useful to all at the event. And do tell me if it could be improved!
    Happy to do a workshop on the rules about eligibility for housing if would be useful?


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